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Choosing the Right Property Agent


Agents are allowed to charge either the buyer or seller a commission up to 3% of the sale of property ( depends to whoever the agent works for) , which can result to a substantial amount of five digits, hence, why choosing the right agent that you can trust is crucial. Here are a few quick points to know how.

1) Check their credentials

To be a real estate agent (REA), real estate negotiator (REN), it is mandatory to undergo necessary courses. Upon completion, you’ll be registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVAEAP).

By going to the BOVAEAP website [ ] , you’ll be able to check their details if their status is official. Only then you’ll be assured of professional levels of service, to act in your best interests with integrity.

2) Experience

The more experience an agent has may imply on how well they’re able to do their job, having more knowledge on the industry, however, this isn’t completely true. It might assure you that they might know what they’re doing, but experience doesn’t necessarily guarantee skill and competency.

By ruling out agents or negotiators who are starting out isn’t fair. Make sure you choose someone who has a positive attitude, motivated, confident and well versed throughout the transaction process.

3) Identify their Geographic Target Areas

Geographic segmentation is a strategy agents use to focus in a specific area, understanding all the plus and minus points. This will help providing reliable information to clients about a certain area that they’re interested in. Information on the neighbourhood includes transportation link, upcoming work, new roads, amenities or facilities, traffic conditions, crime rates and other aspects.

Having an agent who has specialized in an area that you’re interested in is an advantage as he or she will not just be selling your property, but the neighbourhood as well.

4) Good customer service/ customer relationship management

An agent who knows how to converse easily and are able to answer your questions is a sign that they might be a compatible agent for you. You are going to want a negotiator who not only relies on impressive people skills with the traditional strategies of marketing/advertising but also someone who is constantly connected with people especially when it comes to reaching out to potential buyers via social media or other online platforms.

Choose one who is easy to talk to, someone who are consistently updating you on the status of your homebuying or selling process. Lastly, look out for someone with the right attitude, who is passionate to work alongside you in handling the transaction from start to finish, and most importantly possess the enthusiasm and motivation to secure the right buyer for you.


Article By: Farouq Zulkipli



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